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Hi. Im Daniel,

I help Inventors raise $500,000 to $2milion to fund their invention - in under 100 days. I do this through my 100-days-challenge program.  

It’s a 14-weeks transformation program that shows you exactly how to get the right investor to offer you funding and why the right investor can bring your project to market in under 12 months instead of 5 years or more.

No more of the endless frustration and confusion over trying to work out what you should include in your presentations so it doesn’t go for hours.
No more of the hopeless feelings from not understanding the process and not having a step-by-step system.

No more paralysis from fear of watching your patents lapse and your valuable secrets becoming PUBLIC DOMAIN .

Just follow the ten easy steps and you will be presenting the right information to exactly the right client, and they will begging you to let them help you and will offer you their buyers for your new product.
THE BEST PART Is, it’s so simple to implement and you will never have to pay projects expenses each week out of your own pocket. 
How it works is that instead of spending years trying to get funding, hoping that your pitch is good enough, I give you a system that will laser-target the right investors, who get value directly from the product and you won’t have to give away a large chunk of your equity

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